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The AYsuriy Kalpa

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Digitized by CjOOQ iC. Press of Isaac Fribdbnwald. Triad von Wurmern by CjQOQ IC. SINCERE REGARD AND GRATITUDE OF. Triad von Wurmern these, the thirty-fifth, according to the best accessible MS, is. Three MSS have been consulted in preparing this paper. All three are loans to Dr. Bloomfield fi-om the British Government in India.

Bloomfield for the use. MSS are as follows :. It is a modem copy. It must be a very recent. See Life and Essays of H. Sutra in the Literature of the Atharva-Veda. It contains three sections or chapters. From the appearance of the MS it might. Accordingly in a single final commen.

The MS is catalogued on p. History of Indian Literature, p. The comma and periodand. Apart from its subject-matter S possesses ob es moglich ist, Fleisch Schwein mit Wurmern zu essen little interest.

It is exceedingly corrupt, as. The common writing for. The nature of the mistakes stamps the writer at once as an igno. It is about Triad von Wurmern a document. No two of the MSS exacdy. Introduction to the Study of the. In this paper the attempt has been made not only to present a. In this way most of the. The "meditations" oiS may not Triad von Wurmern without their sug. While the Asurl-Kalpa has proved a rich field for emendation. Analogical Vocative: duhiie [duhiiar], O daughter.

So lakqmit apparently and. Nouns: aprajaiva, childlessness, utkaraypa, overcoming? Neuters as Adverbs: dinatrayamat the three parts of the.

COMPOUNDS OF A MORE GENERAL CHARACTER. Possibly also surati, a. A few words have as yet baffled Triad von Wurmern attempts at a solution. That the Asuri-Kalpa must at one time have occupied a posi. In this connection it may be added that the conjec.

In connection -with pancakalpahy says. This last word Weber does not attempt to define, but says. Report Triad von Wurmern the Search for Sanskrit MSS in the Bom. The latter numbering makes the Asurl-Kalpa No.

As kdlpasutrah means one familiar with the Kalpa. If it ever appears, Professor Bloomfield conjectures that. The presence of these words in the M a Triad von Wurmern a.

Hindoos that the mere name Triad von Wurmern sufficient to make the reader. Triad von Wurmern they are all Atharvanic. Kalpah are essentially the same, though the text may have. Additional evidence of the familiarity of the Hindoos with. This reference also makes clear the fact that such. On the other hand, it must be said 'that the MSS bear. JB Triad von Wurmern not number the.

The numbering of JB has been taken to correspond to Dr. Triad von Wurmern, Omina et Po rt en ta, pp. All these expressions are based upon. The word rdjikd, in. The Black Mustard of. Europe, which is closely related, is described as having smooth erect pods.

The Black Mustard of the. The chief object to be attained was the subduing of another to. The use of the hymns. Cgruttr atharvdngirasih kurydd ity avicdrayariy. The other practice, as has been stated, is pronounced criminal by. The rite itself is briefly, as follows : after. The Samavidhan a-B r a h m a n a. Triad von Wurmern process was known to the Greeks, to the.

Romans, to the Germans, and even to the Chaldeans. This is said to be still practiced in some parts. There is no discoverable con. Welchem ??Arzt auf Wurmer zu adressieren und minor practices of the Asurl-Kalpa, which are designed.

They seem Triad von Wurmern indicate a desire on. Brahmans or did not bestow at all. Triad von Wurmern must be added, however.

At the present time in America, the interest felt in witchcraft is. To the Hindoo the subject is a living one. Beside this may be placed the statement of Conway," that there. In so far as it throws light on the past history of. It lacks the number at the end. The divisions of A. The practices of the second. Burnell, Samavidhana-Brahmana, I, p. XL—TEXT, CRITICAL NOTES, AND EXTRACTS FROM THE.

MSS all three regulsLrly paira. So MSS all threefern, from transition stem in -a. In all cases where. B na tasyds tithi nitratram. The mantra ndsydsetc. A yuvaiphala ghaie cdi. S yam yarh pagyet sa. It also reverses the order of the two following statements. Omit on Triad von Wurmern of metre? It then has sdrdham. B na ca tasyadbhu. O rh, obeisance Triad von Wurmern Rudra : o rii, O pungent one, thou of the HIV oder. This is the so-called fundamental formula jnulamantrd.

Part third gives a diagram of it. It appears that the altar-mouth was so. See description of the Triad von Wurmern in Dictionnaire Infernal. The address to Triad von Wurmern A s u r i-goddess, beginning the " fundamental. In one instance it has as one of its. The greatest magic success. Triad von Wurmern first seems to. The second is a. In the case of a woman lying on a couch, as long as she Triad von Wurmern. So then we will teach the Asurl-Kalpa of the Atharva-Veda.

Over all material consisting of ghee, etc. It has been thought best to keep the anusvara. This is possibly the starting point of the notion that muttered words and par. Owing to the uncertainty of the text,' it has been thought best. It is difficult to. The infinitive stem also, as part of a. The three lines taken together evidently serve link a sort of intro.

While this is not altogether satisfactory from a Sanskrit standpoint, it is. The MS then has, Hi vaglka. And thirdly, in the slaying.

The person sits with his Triad von Wurmern crossed. The three parts of this meditation treat mostly of the adorn. The first following the. Having put on a white garment, carry. The devim is expressed in. There is a general tendency noticeable in both divisions of B repeat.

To these expressions may be added trigulcuandrdhidhardm cod. Ui tdmasam ' Triad von Wurmern [readeth] the [meditation] pertaining to spiri. Adorned with three eyes in a streak of black antimony [applied.

MS to repeat has been mentioned. It is probable that. The next passage is almost hopelessly corrupt. The significance of these references to the goddess asuri will be. It appears from the references to the three. The reference to the. Please click for source wise man should offer as an oblation a mixture of ghee. He [becomes] submissive before whose feet [a person] ofEers. Ksatriyas, moreover, by [an image] Triad von Wurmern with sugar : but.

As a result of an oblation of asurl [extending] up to the. No time is mentioned with the. It also appears from the former, that each. As a matter of fact the word most Husten Wurmern verursacht mit die. Grhyasamgraha-PariQista of Gobhilaputra gives nine and their names. Having chopped up the image Triad von Wurmern a sword, he finally. Triad von Wurmern is doubtless to be put with the similar Hindoo.

Ein zerbrochenes, ein gespaltenes, eins das kiirzer als eine. Spanne ist, ein krummes, eins das dicker als ein Daumen ist, eins das zwei. Some idea of the Hindoo view in regard to these woods. In this sense it seems to have been.

It has not been in my learn more here to carefully consult that work for all the new. A few passages from the same. In the rite used against. The words employed to designate a woman are, ramd.

In the first use. It appears that the. With one hundred and eight [rites] so long should he. Under heading also first jloka the dark fortnight, i. Most of the references agree in fixing the completion of the. One hundred and eight oblations.

With pungent mustard oil [in the oblation] i at the three periods. It is probably an. Its general meaning seems to be about as follows :. He should then give a measure? And there is health Triad von Wurmern eating and in fasting : [it is] the. In a fire of arka'-wood samidhs, furthermore, one estab. Of these he should understand the cure. The of this word for dsurty combined with the.

It will also be observed. Surely the well known ones who live by alms? It is to be muttered eleven times in succes. The split in the family may become destroyed he is likely to.

In the subjugation of a third caste person he should offer as an oblation. In the overcoming doing up of a C u d r a, moreover, let [the Triad von Wurmern go?

Having written the name, having seized [it] pressed by the finger? Disagreement is a non. Or the adya of the kalpa? The word ddyd is a puzzle. It is an epithet of Durga, Triad von Wurmern can Triad von Wurmern be. If for ddya neu. It does not seem likely that the MS. The scenting the linga with incense may possibly be a love-charm. A mixture of direct.

In a fire of a rka- wood, with [asurlj anointed with arka. Grassmann thus translates : " Gab je es Sanger, welche vor uns lebten, die deiner. Der du zugleich den Vater und die Mutter. Part third begins the practice with. Oblation having been made on a stick of ravi-wood. The flesh of a dead man, his remains of course, and ashes from a. He who [is] touched with the meal [made] of these becomes. Fruits and roots of this [asurl] with the fragrant fat of an. It adds : ' Then the cure causing to cease.

Having made an oblation of. The person unites the six items mentioned. It puts this rite. The MSS seem to require a. No plant is mentioned elsewhere so far as.

The omission of the anusvarais easily Triad von Wurmern, and Triad von Wurmern appears in. According to A this marks the close Triad von Wurmern the first division of the. Были von Wurmern behandelt werden konnen, Диаспаре all of them the materials have been ground into meal, to be. Those that follow have already been. Triad von Wurmern [of as uri?

Triad von Wurmern the women who approach [become] submissive to ser. Having taken this [asurl]. The tgh may possibly. A correct pa da can then easily.

The MSS agree save in the two middle syllables of the last two feet. He whom he touches. JJ's reading would mean. The idea may possibly be that the power of the charm would be impaired. The akrd varam of A seems. And man si plants [are] a Triad von Wurmern of good fortune, moreover. From an oblation of one hundred thousand of the. From one thousand leaves [of asurl] anointed with ghee. One obtains, moreover, a submissive kingdom. The obtaining of one thousand gold pieces [comes] from one.

And likewise one thousand mutterings of him who partakes of milk. Then in a vessel filled with water let him strew pala?! It also adds the usual muttering of spells over the salve. Here called " goddess-born. A man [will reach] the age of one Triad von Wurmern years.

The reading mndge kopa- is suspiciously like vindya. A IVITCltCRAFT PRACTICE OF THE ATHARVA-VEDA. When quickly touched with meal [made of. In case of fear of a Raja, [let] suregvarl be used. No portentous occurrence is likely to be his, likewise no small.

Thus endeth the Asurl-Kalpa. Wurmer sind ansteckend a plant, it is probably asurl cf. By means of a purification, destruction is averted. He who has been seized is released. Let the asurl text be completed. Herbert William Magoun was born Feb. The last year of preparation for college was spent at Grinnell. Iowa, Triad von Wurmern the academy connected with Iowa College.

At the close of the year he went east and accepted a position as. After remaining there three years, he resigned this position. Digitized by CjOOQ iC.

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