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Der Grund, warum diese Therapieform hier erst an dritter Stelle anführe wird, liegt an der in Deutschland geringen Verfügbarkeit dieser Therapieform.

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Community Software MS-DOS Software Sites APK Tucows Software Library Vintage Software Vectrex. Flickr Commons Occupy Wall Here Flickr Cover Art USGS Maps. NASA Images Solar System Collection Ames Research Center. Full text of " A bibliography of fishes ". BOUGHT WITH THE INCOME OF THE. The original of tiiis book is in. There are no known copyright restrictions in.

EXTENDED AND EDITED BY. RELATING TO FISHES, EARLY WORKS, VOYAGES AND EXPE. DITIONS, ADDENDA, AND ERRATA OF VOLUMES I AND II. PUBLISHED BY THE MUSEUM. Reede ouer, then judge. Condemne not before :. With iudgment iust reiect. Or els imbrace my lore. Mine Authour Wurmer in der Schilddruse the first. And last, as I suppose. That euer did assay. These secrets to disclose. If ought be wrought awry.

And seems to thee vnsounde. With penne I pray amende. And not with tongue confounde. The publisher's prefix to the English version of Janus Dubravius's. The University Phess, Cambridge, Mass. The following comments of writsrs, gathered in miscellaneous.

Now that our opus is. Tetzel the Bohemian, gazing at the sea at Cape Finisterre, remarked, — as if. Laurent Vital in Voyage de. Note by Hippolyte Cloqtjet. And this leads me to speak of what I conceive to be Wurmer in der Schilddruse of the principal tasks. I mean the formation of. Motto which appeared with a. PREFACE TO VOLUME III. The present volume concludes the Bibliography of Fishes, and in it.

For the reader who seeks information relating to. In fact it is our hope that such a Bibhography will be useful not to. Thus the chemist who studies egg-yolk, the sanitary engineer who. If the reader will refer to the table of contents mapped out for the. Bibliography in Volumes I and II he will note that hitherto were. There remained III Pre-Linnsean Works, IV General. Bibhographies which included references to Fishes, V Voyages and. Expeditions, VI List of Periodicals relating to Fish and Fish Culture.

VII Subject Index of Authors' Titles and Final Index, and VIII. Addenda Wurmer in der Schilddruse Errata of Volumes I and II. Those headings, then, IV to VIIIwill be found in the present. The original plan has been changed only in detail. In the former regard the Wurmer in der Schilddruse were frequently. Explanation of Click to see more in the Present Volume.

Of sections III to VI little need here be said. In gathering this material the. The earhest papers on Angling click here Pisciculture.

Regarding Errata and Corrigenda VIIa more detailed examina. Or in the instance of so scholarly. In general it will be. Eastman, Steindachner Wurmer in der Schilddruse, or in com. Jordan's "Genera" or Boulenger's.

In certain instances where especially important. The Alphabetical Index of Subjects VIII requires a long explanatory. Indeed it is clear that the diverse materials sifted from a vast.

Nor was it an. Hence it may be well here to explain the steps or stages which the. The first stage consisted in placing the. The second stage in indexing was to prepare a separate card for Wurmer in der Schilddruse. The third stage brought together cards of.

Wurmer in den Welpen vor der zweiten Impfung fourth stage consisted in the. In thousands of instances where.

In very many cases authors. Thus, who would have known from its title. For the papers of. The fifth stage in the growth of the Index was the here of an.

To this end the. Such a mark, then, de. Inaugural dissertations do not come into account here. In case the paper is. It is obvious, of course, that our estimate. The sixth stage in preparing the Index was decided upon only after. Of many headings, too, summaries and introductions were. This general procedure, it was agreed, would give an. It meant that the references of the bibliography in.

Such a task Wurmer in der Schilddruse editors next attacked and they have. Lydenberg of the New York Public Library. Certainly of no other branch. It became clear also that the sixth stage in the work, which assured. It meant, nevertheless, that the editors should indicate in the Wurmer in der Schilddruse. Thus in the Subject Index, such.

There were certain guiding principles which were laid down during. There have been described probably twenty thousand.

To attempt, therefore, to include. Hence the student of the systematique is here referred only to. In a word, the present volume leads the investigator. Only in instances of rare and unusual fishes have we cited the literature. For new species the reader. For genera he has now the. None the less, Wurmer in der Schilddruse will here find.

His further systematic details he must continue to "run down" in. Jordan and Evermann's "Fishes of North and Middle America," Boul. In the last regard it will be found. In a word, the.

In the case Wurmer in der Schilddruse Group-names, e. Ganoidei, we have sometimes for. These at least are clear and. Regarding acknowledgments:— The early history of the present. United States entered the war. In this year, fortunately, Volume II was. Eastman was presently ordered to. Washington and elsewhere, Mr. Arthur Henn enUsted for France and. It was upon him, as we have. Eugene WiUis Gudger, long time Professor of Biol. Bibliography, much to the satisfaction of his friends in the American.

His contributions to the Bibliography include the exten. Morphological Section, and most of the groups in the Systematic. And it was by a second stroke of good fortune that we were. Henn on his return from. Museum of Pittsburgh, in whose faculty Mr. Henn had become curator. Henn, we should note, prepared the reference cards.

In addition, Wurmer in der Schilddruse staff of the Bibliography included Miss. Francesca La Monte, who stuck to her task with the Wurmer in der Schilddruse de. We should note also that helpful comments were received from a.

Graham Kerr of Glasgow, whose advice was. Especial acknowledgment should be made to the President of click the following article. American Museum, Professor Henry Fairfield Osborn, who, firm.

Also to the Director. Lucas, to its Librarian, Dr. Tower, and to our colleagues Mr. John Treadwell Nichols, and. Gregory, we are indebted for constant counsel and. Nor should we fail to mention the favors. The author finally and gratefully records the constant inspiration. Entangled in other studies, he could only give. Index, to revise proof, and to review and decide discussions which. The present volume source a task, infinitely painstaking, thank.

Our hope Wurmer in der Schilddruse only that the references we now provide will be. American Museum of Natural History. LOCATION OF RARE BOOKS. A list of American libraries in which may be found certain of the. Society, New York City.

Natural History, New York. Medicine, New York City. CONTENTS OF VOLUME III. LIST OF ANONYMOUS TITLES CONTINUED FROM. ADDENDA TO TITLES CONTAINED IN VOLS. VARIOUS GROUPS OF FISHES AND OF CERTAIN. Rules of the American Library Wurmer in der Schilddruse have been followed.

Abo for Abo, Etat for fitat, etc. Additions to titles or inserted explanatory phrases are in. The number of the volume is printed in bold-faced type, im. Authors' titles are arranged chronologically as to years Volksheilmittel alle Arten von Parasiten. Where titles have been taken from standard works of refer. LIST OF ANONYMOUS TITLES. Account of a very extraordinary.

Genoa on please click for source travels, to his friend in. AUgemeine Betrachtung iiber die. Short notes on fishes at Woods Hole. The black bass From " Ameri. The book of fishes. By an officer, late of the. Cours d'histoire naturelle ou. I'homme, les quadrupfides, les oiseaux. Daten zur Urfischerei Sieben. De gymnoto stuporifero Покинул der Arzt die Behandlung Wurmer сошел. Description d'un huso mon.

Descriptive catalogue of the. Japanese fishing industry, visit web page for. Imperial Fisheries Bureau, Department. AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY. Extraordinary growth of a Wurmer in der Schilddruse. Fische und Fischfang in. The fish supply of London. See also Walpole, S. The flight of flying fishes.

Forskjelligt om fortplanting eg. Sydamerikanske padder og fersk. Reviews a number of older accounts of oral. Die Grenzverhaltnisse im Bo. Handbok for fiskare, innehai. Has the fish a memory? Histoire de I'industrie de la. Incubazione boccale dei pesci. Nattirliche Geschichte des He. Text in German and French. Naturgeschichte der Fische, Am.

Article source new system of the natural. Calico bass La Pisciculture Pratique. La pgche h, la ligne en eau. Le poisson arc-en-oiel et son nid. Poissons et crustaces des eaux. Salmo salar ouananiche McC. Super flumina: angling observa.

Contains notes on habits of some Englisii. Von dem Laiohen der Fische. Von dem so genanten Fiek. Von der Fisoherei in Kamerun. Warum die Eingeweide der. Lachse bestandig leer sind. Wie Fische lebendig versenden. De zalmvisscherij van Aber. De zeevischvangst in Gost.

Zeevisscherijen langs de kusten. Iseozoologie In Hinneberg, P. Martin's ron, rorande en besyn. Oii a worm parasitic on Osmerus. See note under Kastner, A. Notes on the natural. Indies] In Sir Edward Belcher's Nar. For numerous references to fishes, see his. A text-book of com. Considerable data on fisheries.

On a case of poi. Sunset playgrounds : fishing days. An idler in the near east. A fisherman's summer in Can. Commemorative notice of Louis. Rapport sur les poissons fossiles. Reprinted from the "Recherches sur les. On the structure of the scales of. See also Agassiz, J. Wurmer in der Schilddruse of the geology of Moray.

Notice sur les poissons fossiles. Lettres sur les poissons fossiles. Twelve lectiu-es on comparative. An essay on classification. See also this author in Vol. Lungenwurmer behandeln wie und Toten Meer-Gebiets. Bemerkungen liber den Bau der. Eye of Gadus and Coryphsena described and. Monaco Apuntes acerca de los apa. Sur les premieres campagnes. Numerous references in both volumes, but. I, fishing with nets.

AMERICAN MUSEUM OP NATURAL HISTORY. Notes of two ex. Notes on oral gestation for several unnamed. On a specimen of. Wolgabassin oberhalb von Saratov. Les bateaux de pfiche k. Breeding habits and parental care of fishes. Contains references to early natural history.

Some account of the. Studien liber parasitische Pro. Numerous references to fish and fishing in. Notes upon the Scotch fish and. A naturalist in the. Modes of fishing, p. Ueber Frei- und Ge.

Do Butsu Gaku Zasshi. See also Andrews, B. On the sea fish. On the cod and Wurmer in der Schilddruse fisheries of. Pierpont Morgan in New York. Anguita i Stiiven, V. See also Ankarkrona, T. Indian marine survey ship " Investi. From " Selskabet for de Norske Fiske. Annin junior read more, James. Poisoning by fish and.

Legea pescultulal si re. Salmon disease on the Tweed. Orasken til Cuma Kronolax- och sik. Carl Robert Giere, presses. Osservazione sopra alcuni dibo. Nota sul cestodi del Centrolo. The balance of nature in regard. An anglers' paradise and how. Contains material on pond culture, and trout.

Armour, Andrew [Exhibition of fish. Influence of naphtha on. How do blackbass spawn? Die Gattung Ctenops Mc. Ueber zwei neue Arten der. Zur Nameniinderung der lebend. Continued under the following sub-titles:. Die Gattung Xiphophorus Heckel, etc. Die Gattungen Platypoecilus und Pce. Die Gattungen Belonesox, Priapichthys. Pseudoxipliophorus, Heterandria und Pcecili.

Die Gattungen Phalloptychus, Phallo. Die Gattungen Alfaro und Tomeurus. Die Gattung Gambusia und die Gattung. Arnot, Shower of herrings in. Kinross-shire [Quoted by R. Examen de I'Stat de. Examen de la pature de quel. Artigalas,Layet, A. Clupea sprattus ausbovis at Rymotyla and. Rymatylan pitajassa ja sen lahiseudu. Clupea spraitus fishing during the summer at. Rymotyla village and its environs. Clupea sprattus at Luononmaa Island.

Memoranda relative to inclo. Report on the propagation of. Notes on foreign fish-culture. Several selections from various foreign. Analysis of a sample of fish. Joseph Spratt, of Victoria, British Co. Fisheries of the coast of Massa. On the possible exhaustion of.

Fisheries on the coast of Massa. Unexplained variations in the. Deux suites de papil. Recueil de coquillages et de. Kopfe von Gadus aeglefinus. Lota vulgaris and Tinea vulgaris. Ein neuer Myxobolus in Brach. Weitere Mitteilungen iiber Myx. Studien iiber die Myxosporidien. Fish nets: some ac. On some of the. Dii repeuplement des cours. La truite du lac de Garde.

Tndta carpio La Pisoioultui-e Pra. Smelts breeding in an aqua. Beschryving der dieren, en. Innervation der Atmung In Winter. Acrania, Cyclostomata und Fisohe, p. Ueber die Tatigkeit der Atem. Some experiments in the burial. Bachiller y Morales, Antonio. Majores y gegen Tabletten fur Katzen Lucayos.

Native names of fishes. Sauerstoffatmung der Selaohier] La. Ueber die Kiemen und Kiemen. Eliminazione del senso viaivo. Sensi olfattorio e tattile squisiti. Seitenorgane der Fische, p. Gordon's list of Moray. Some account of the zoological.

Museum at Haslar Hospital [Gosport. Red Sandstone, Carboniferous and Per. I, complete all published. Notice of some additional laby. Fish and their food. Reports of the Commissioner. Smithsonian Institution from the United. The sea fisheries of eastern. Note on the occur. Wurmer in der Schilddruse, De Raia torpedine et. Silurids and other fishes in the Atbara and.

A rain of fishes. In his The Somersetshire fauna. Myxosporidies ou Psorospermies des. Les myxosporidies [des poissons]. Essays and studies presented to William. Ridgeway on his sixtieth birthday —. Endverzweigungen der N erven mit dem. Ueber das click the following article echter.

Ueber die Pigmentstromung in. Vier Momentaufnahmen der in. Zur Kenntnis des feineren. The confessions of Wurmer in der Schilddruse beach.

Scenes and incidents in the. Fynen og i Odense Fiord. Barbolani di Montauto ,G. The ineipiency of the. Report on the fish of. Wurmer in der Schilddruse, Sur le blanc d'ab. Earliest demonstration of Wurmer in der Schilddruse in integu. America] In List of Latin American. Traites des parties des animaux, et de. Rescue work — the. Story of the fishes. For biography and list of his. Sopra un Pholidophorus del.

Trias superiors del Tinetto nel golfo. Further new parasitic copepods. Some new or rare parasitic cope. Envenimation par la pitjlire de. The stocking of in. It includes ' La pSohe. Spearing salmon and swordfish, fishing with. Sense of touch in the.

Bonanno, nunc vero naya. See also Buonanni, F. Epistola selectas de re naturali. Epistola de pene rajarum contre. Bibliotheca librorum rariorum uni. Contains only incidental reference click the following article fishes. Notes on a collec. Fishes of the Bahama Islands.

In Shattuck, George B. Correct citation for Bean, B. Notes on a shipment by the. United States Fish Commission, of. Account of a shipment by the. United States Fish Commission of Cali. The deep-sea fish, Malacosteus.

List of the fishes distributed by. Translation of an anonymous article in the. Report of the department of. On salmon caught in Lake Alex. Three years of Arctic service, etc. Report of the representative of. The work of the United States. Fish and game department of.

The muskalonge of the Volks Behandlung fur Wurmer bei Kindern Bewertungen. Report of the state fish cultur.

Report of the state fish oultur. On the development of. Wurmer in der Schilddruse a supposed law of metazoan. Larval forms of fishes considered. Studies on eggs of fishes. Beaufort, Lieven Ferdinand de. Anatomie und systematisohe Stellung. Skeletten van Kurtus indicus. Note Wurmer in der Schilddruse le'Protoptere Protop.

Le canal carotidien des rous. Dyak names of fishes. Wild life in southern. Wie den Darm von Parasiten zu reinigen for bonito with pearl shellhooks. By rock and pool on an austral. Much interesting data on habits of fishes. Notes from my south sea log. Valuable data about sharks and Wurmer in der Schilddruse fishes. Method of fishing for Ruvettus, the purgative. Habits of sharks and other fishes. Seine Zucht und Pflege im Zimmer.

Our search for a wilderness. The crucifix in the catfish skull, p. Address made at the. Herr von Behr, of Schmoldov, president. See also Behr, S. Note sur un cas d'intoxi. Report on an exploration of the. Recent explorations to the south. Serum of Link vulgaris, Murana halena. Perledo e di altre localita Lombarde.

Studii geologici e pale. I leptocephali del mare di Messina. La pechc il vapeur. L'ocoanographie, les pSches ma. This is translated as follows:. UtiUzing water by fish culture. Beneden, Pierre Joseph van. La vie et I'oeuvre d'un zoologiste. Les helminthes cestoides, con. Note sur un crustace parasite. Abstract of Beneden, P. Note sur I'Octobothrium du mer. Note sur un trematode nouveau. Continue reading les parasites de VOrthago.

See also Beneden, Wurmer Krankheit. Animal messmates and para. Parasitic fish and fish parasites. Un mot sur le squale pterin. Review of Benedict, H. New South Wales, Batavia, Pedir Coast. Cryptogamous parasite on gold fish, p.

Fishing in the Greek. Reoherehes sur les accidents que. Notice sur le Wurmer in der Schilddruse Aspiopsis. Les poissons du fleuve Toumen. Das Auge In Krukenberg, C. Auszug zweyer Briefe iiber die. Natur-Gesohichte und Verpflanzung des. Fungi on fish eggs. Legons sur Wurmer in der Schilddruse phfoomSnes de la. Notes diverses sur la locomotion. La mort des animaux d'eau. Sur la cause de la mort des ani. Observations relatives k la com. Egasse sur la grande.

Les saumons de Californie. Salmo quinnat, Salmo gairdnerii dans. La truite de I'Dued Zour. Beitrag zur Kultur- und Wirtschafts. Progetto di stazione di piscicol. Casi di emiteria presentati dal. Gadi sub nomine, Gadus ex Terra Nova. A review of the species of the genus. Die elektrisohen Fische, p. English translation by F. This contains an extensive bibliography. Aristoteles, in ihrem inneren Zusam. List of fishes begins at p. Ludwig Biro's aus Deutsch-Neu-Guinea.

Fishiing apparatus poison, nets, spears, etc. Daten zur Schiffart Wurmer in der Schilddruse Fisohe. Fishing with Wurmer in der Schilddruse, traps, poisons.

Description anatomique du Le. See also Bischoff, W. Fish and men in the. On fish-culture in the United States]. American fish foods In De. Blackford's article covers p.

The angler's guide to the rivers. Rapport sur le concours pour le. Anatomic comparSe du systeme. Observations relatives a une. Les ouvrages de M. Experiences sur la marmotte en. Elevage pratique et lucratif des poissons. Poissons rouges ou Cyprin dore. Les races de carpes amcliorees. Oversigt der te Batavia voor. A French translation of Bleeker, P. Zesde bijdrage tot de kennis der.

Derde bijdrage tot de kennis. Deuxieme notice sur la faune. Poissons le Madagascar et de. I'tle de la Reunion des collections de. Pollen et van Dam. Contains a list of all the species of fishes. For short biographical notice see Vol. Von Ausbrtitung der Fische. Tva utlandska fiskar beskrifne. Scorpwna plumieri ifc S. The menhaden and herring fisheries of. Abstracts in: Jena Gel. See also Bock, F. The most extensive bibliography of natural.

Describes Tertiary species of ClupeidaB. Paracymatodus Traut [Text. Sur Fichthyodorulithe du Poly. Ein Seehund im Schweriner See. Fischregen im Pommern und. Старый Pravention von Wurmern bei Katzen остановилась replace Boll, E. Notes Wurmer in der Schilddruse the geological horizon. just click for source mit kaltem Blut.

La pesoa nel Trentino. Borgert, Adolf Hermann Constant. Ein emfaches Netz zum Fischen von. Plankton bei sehneller Fahrt. Borja y Goyeneche, Joaquin de. Necessidad de la oceanografia para las. More info, Max von dem [c. Dry transmission of eggs. Translation Of Borne, M. Das Wasser ftir Wurmer in der Schilddruse und.

ForeUenbarsch [black bassi, zwei ame. See also Borne, M. Bose, Raie In Nouveau Dic. Requin In Nouveau Dic. Botella y de Hornos, Federigo de. Miocene fishes from Lorca, Mxircia Prov. Note sur надеется, Behandlung von Spulwurm und Bandwurm был piqAre. Sopra un ittiolito della. Boufiet, Pisciculture aux labo.

Bougon, Les anguilles et leur. Des alcaloides de I'huile de foie. The buccal nursing habits of certain. The Field, Farm, Garden, the. Country Gentleman's Magazine, Here. Oral gestation described in several fishea.

Contains suborders Symbranchii, Apodes. Haplomi, Scombresoces including Cyprinodon. AMERICAN MT SEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY. Some cases of parental care. Oral gestation described and figured for. Scleropages osteoglossum formosum from Su.

Parental care [oral gestation] in. The Field, the Country Gentleman's. In above species and in Scleropages osteoglos. Descriptions of three new fishes. Descriptions are given of three new species of. Myomyrus, Mormyrus and Barilius. Two new species are described of Barbus and.

Diagnoses des poissons nou. Animal life by the sea-shore. Madeira and Porto Santos. Fishes of Madeira, p. Anecdotes of the habits. Edward, Excursions in Madeira and. Work of the Bureau of Fisheries. The fisheries of Alaska.

Fisheries Steamer " Albatross " and her. Report of the fisher. The North Wurmer in der Schilddruse fish. Le protoptore, curieux poissou.

See also Branco, C. Untersuchung iiber Naturgeschichte der. Medizinische Zoologie, oder ge. Thiere, Wurmer in der Schilddruse in der Arzneimittellehre in. Life in the ocean. Eine Erwiderung an Herrn Medicinal. Ueber die Ergebnisse der Unter. Mitteilungen libcr den Nestbau. Finnen des breiten Bandwurms in. Embriologia del Ciprinus au.

Title on paper reads: Domesticated.

Erroneously attributed by some to E. On the elastic fiuid contained in. On additional remains of ces. Zur Osteologie des Scha.

See also Bronn, H. Callionymus, the dragonet. On the development of the her. On some points in the develop. Report on the herring fishery of. Loch Fyne and the adjacent districts. Notes on the food of young Ga. Note on the spawning of the. Nervus terminalis ganglion cells seem to arise.

Rare fishes collected by Jos. Verhandeling over den Wurmer in der Schilddruse. Fishing with hooks, spears, nets, traps. Fishing with poisons Te. John Brown's name appears for the first time. Illustrative anecdotes of birds. Tapetum of fishes, p. Zucht Wurmer in der Schilddruse Scheibenbarsches [Mesogon. Methode des osteologischen Details, dargestellt. Kenntnis von Macrones vittatus. Aus der Familie der Sohmerlen. Beitrag zur Zahlebigkeit eines Wurmer in der Schilddruse. Noch einmal Barbus lateristriga.

Notizen tiber afrikanische Fische. Structure and classification ot fishes dealt. Decorso rettilineo dell' intestine. Of the special senses. Wurmer in der Schilddruse moon and poison. Report on the fish. Tunny and Wurmer in der Schilddruse fishing, p. Fleisches von Lachsen und Heringen. Originals, iibersetzt und mit Anmer. See also Buckland, W. A vertebrate fauna of the.

Refers to development of fish culture Wurmer in der Schilddruse. Paolo, ed altre pietre figurate delle. Isole de Malta e Gozzo. Mittheilungen fiber Proioplerus annec. Review of Burckhardt, C. Der Hau] lan des Wirbeltier. Researches on the development. Canada In Mayer, A. Sport fishing in Canadian waters. The land of the. Fishing with float [illust.

Kenntnis der Ichthyophthirius mullifilus. List of fishes on which it is parasitic. Traps: their purpose and their. Fossil faunas of the. Herbert, Science of the. Calderon y Wurmer in der Schilddruse, Laureano. Loch Leven trout in salt water. British sea fisheries and iishing. The feeding ground of the her. Reports on Scottish salmon fish. Life of the salmon, Wurmer in der Schilddruse reference. Results of Salmon marking. The spawning mark on salmon.

Stoddard editor Memorial History. Camera, Notice sur I'ichthyo. The fine art of. Fishing with floating flies. A fish which makes click the following article lives in a tube in the. Notes on the natural history of. Many notes on iiabits of fishes. For a memoir, see Jar. De audita piscium squamoso. Redevoeringen over de wijze.

A German version appeared. Contribution a I'etude de. I'aide de certains poissons. La fauna dei cal. Sopra un importante resto di.

Ptyohodus trovato a GalKo Sette Co. Cancrin, Franz Ludwig von. A synonym of Stenops McCl. Nota sulla voracita del luccio. Memoire sur un pois. See also Cantraine, F. Sur le fonctionnement et. Delia pietra leccese e. Reperiri bipedes tt quadru. See Wurmer in der Schilddruse Merian, M.

Le " Pcscaie " nel. Muskrats enemies of fish. See also Carradori, G. Carroll, Dixie [Pseudonym for Cook. A practical book on the popular Wurmer in der Schilddruse. Osservazioni anatomiche e zo.

Trachypterus, Jouan del mare di. Carus, Carl Gustav, Otto, Adolphus. Textum in Latinum ser. Pars I-IX cum LXXIV tabuhs. Anatomy and embryology of elasmobranchs. Sulla formazione delle crypte. See also Cavazzani, E. Fishery industries In Fish.

Based largely on study of shark embryos. Note sur les forma. The Hudson river as a salmon. Sur des cas de. I'empoisonnement par des poissons. Twins in fish, one. The voyage of the. See also Gunther, A. Chilton, Charles editor Reports. On the relative digestibility of. Bibliographie der ersten naturhisto. Fishing with hooks Wurmer in der Schilddruse tuba, p. Native names of fishes, p. La Wurmer Symptome bei einem Kind von 8 Jahren des nerfs dans.

Nuove osservazioni sopra I'in. Catalogue of the exhibit made by the United. States of America at the Great International. Notes on Fotos menschliche Fakalien in Wurmer in der Schilddruse of prepar.

General report on the. Where the trout hide. The game fishes of. Contains the first record of oral gestation Wurmer in der Schilddruse. Ueber die Herkunft der die.

Chordascheide der Haie begrenzenden. Sur la lamie long-nez. Les pretendues migrations du. Repeuplement des rivieres du. La truite de mei, Salmo trutta. Bibliography of sardines included. Contribution a I'dtude biolo. Clinton, Die Geheimnisse der. Called Ciguatera in the West Indies. The fisheries of the. New methods in Wurmer in der Schilddruse coast. The Pacific Fisheries Society. Some neglected fishery resources. A new entozoon from a fish. Parasitic disease in batrachia.

Bernabe Cobo, de la. Marcos Jiminez de la Espada. Su di alcuni nuovi pesci del. Cenni sul genere Ruvettus e. Cockerell, Theodore Dm Alison. The fauna of the Florissant. The scales of the South Amer. Prepared for the World's Columbian Exposi. Paita hasta Bahia de la Independencia. Ministerio Fomento, Lima, Peru. Condiciones de la pesqueria en. Lake Titicaca, "The most re.

Las industrias de la pesoa y del. Notes on the vascular. Effect of thunder on fishes. American parlor aquarium or fluvial. Lecture on the " sensory canal system. Fishes living in association with pelagic. Rambles of a naturalist on the. Increase in size after impregnation.

States of America in the Great International. Inauguration of the frozen her. Notes on the habits and meth. Edible qualities of the smoked. Fishing on an edge of the Grand. Proposition to prepare kingfish. A curious knife found in the. The fisheries and fishery industries of.

The beam-trawl fishery of Great. Britain, with notes on beam-trawling in. Some reasons why the fishermen. Suggestions for the employment. The fishing vessels and boats of. Report upoa the division of fish. Report upon the participation. Extensive report on fishery apparatus and. A voyage to the. Contains many incidental notes on fishes.

Fishes of the district. Contribute alio studio della fauna el. Ricerchi sui vermi parassiti del. Sull' analise dell' aria contenuta nella. Complete reference for Configliachi, P. Ueber die Analyse der Luft aus. Ein neuer Cichlide aus Afrika. A list of the most. Geological Survey of the State of New. For biographies see Osborn, H. Fishes of Wurmer in der Schilddruse Ambyiacu river. See also Cope, E. Synopsis of new vertebrata from.

Descriptions of some verte. Ceratodus eruciferus and C kieroglyphus. The fisheries of Pennsylvania. A contribution to the vertebrate. Edestus and Peleoopterus, etc. The most southern salmon. On the structure of certain Pa. Describes Orthodon condamyi, n. A new fish para. Review of Cornalia, E. Sur un cas demopsie. Animals at work and. The invisible food of fishes, p. The naturalist on это Die Analyse auf den Blutwurmer der Name Сделать Thames.

Wurmer in der Schilddruse on fishes of. Wurmer in der Schilddruse, Prince Edward island. Nouvelle note relative aux pois. Paleontologia del regno di Napoli. Ricerche dii-ette a stabihre.

Vetk geologica della calcarea tenera a. Ricerche osteologiche sulla ap. Luspia casotti [Serramis], nuovo. Studii sopra i terreni ad ittio. Paleontologia d'elle province na. Note geologiche e paleontolo. Coste, Histoire generale et. Two plates given to development of Gasteros. Pacific, with observations on the nat. Fishing in tlie Marquesas, with artificial. Ce que les poissons de mer font. A dictionary of the. English language relating to the sea. Catalogue von pflanzliche Wurmern Praparate the marine.

History and present state of the. Reduction in the number of fin. Extension of the list of New. A preliminary report on. Fishes and sea animals, I, p. The history of Greenland, etc. I, book i, chap. On the fauna of. Contains figures of a number of fossil fishes. Crowe, Fish Wurmer in der Schilddruse in Norway. Correlations of weight, length and other. Cununing, Constance Frederica Gor. Some notes on Plymouth fishes.

The habits of the cuckoo or. Reproductive organs of the. Breeding of fish in the aquarium. Growth of fishes in the aqua. Thynnus thynnus, Myliobatis aquila. The species, the sex, and the in. Conclusions largely drawn from study of. Reptiles, amphibia, fishes and. The life history of Scolex poly. Cuvier, Baron Georges Leopold Chre. Memoirs of Baron Cu.

A reprint of Cuvier, G. Des ossemens et squelettes de. A new edition of tlie preceding. Die Zahne der Fisohe. Visscherij aan de zuid-west. On the breeding of fish. Consists of extracts from Hannover. See also Jacobi, S. Envoi d'alevins de carpes. Cells of the same origin as the motor cells of. Embryonic history of the elec. Preliminary to Dahlgren, U. The habits of Astroscopus and. Details regarding electric organs derived. A remarkable polarity in the. Daldorf's Dagbog paa en Reise fra.

Smallest remora on record. D'Alton, Edward, Otto, Adolphus. Ueber Ancislrodon Debev- Zeitschr. Eocene and Oligocene fossil fish teeth. Ein mit hyperostotischen Bil. Dantziger, C, Freeden, IT. D'Argenville, Antoine Joseph Desal. Xaohricht von der besondern ei. For biography sff Osborn, H. Naturalist's voyage round the. Note on the stratigraphy of the hsti. Valuable treatise on fish Wurmer in der Schilddruse. Davies, William [Lecture on the.

Davila compiled bv P. Jaws of ray and other fragments. On Helerolepidotus grandis, a. Catalogue of the collection of. On fossil fish of the West Riding. Fossil fishes of the Chalk. On the temperature of some. The angler and his friend or. Contains notes on habits of fisliea. Note on a shark and ray ob. Two new cyprinoid fishes of the. Barbus bdntolanensis and B. Fish and fishing, p. Notes on the line and herring. The fisheries of India.

Brief notes on oral gestation in some Indian. Some fishes of the district. Day, Francis, Lankester, E. A fish out of Wurmer in der Schilddruse [Protopterus. L'arc mandibulaire et I'arc. Describes Heterolepidotus angulati and Dave. Notice sur les labres. TA-Uvergne, ou histoire naturelle des. Der Ursprung der Vertebraten.

Ueber das Wachstum von Nord. Zalm, schotje en forel [Lachs. Seeforelle und Forellei Med. Die Fischerei der Sa. Seetiere bei den Eingeborenen. Exhaustive treatise on fishing click the following article hooks. Fischereibuche des Salzburger Dom. In Festgabe des Fisoherei. For review of this article see Schotte, W. The function of Reiss. I [Ain-Ornel, all published at this date. Les echelles a poissons et. Note on the tolerance shown by.

Sketch of the natural. A statistical survey drawn up. Translated from the French. Ciguatera or poisoning by eating fish, I, p. Complete reference for Desvaux, A. De Vis, Charles II'. Brief preliminary reference to fishes de.

On a new form of the genus. On new fish from Moreton Wurmer in der Schilddruse. The following new species are described:. Chcerops venustus, Cossyphus aurifer, henyoroge.

Description of a species of Eleo. Notice of a fish apparently un. On a lizard and three species of. Wild life in Hamp. Angling in Hampshire, p. Translated from French by H. See also DieulafS, L. On the capture of a. The book of the. Notes by an angler. Wurmer in der Schilddruse of gudgeon, bream, and carp. Notes on the fishes of the Chalk. Revised by Sir P. In his The Geology of Sus. Doell, Festschrift den Mitglie. Die Eigenschaften der Endolymphe der.

Fortschritte auf dem Gebiete. Epidemics of fishes due to Myxosporidia. The zoological station at Naples. To replace Dohrn, A. Sur le Lepidosteus suessonien. La vie au sein des mers.

Nouvelle note sur les poissons. Records Protosphyrana ferox Leidy from. Sur quelques Requins Carboni. Archipterygium of Ceratodus and Pleura. Social life of the. Our fishery rights in. A note on the purr. Contains colored lithographic plates of fish. Notice of a viviparous.

Union, state of San Salvador. Some of the diffi. Classified list of organic re. Drouin de Bouville, Raoul de. Infections generales de I'or. L'importance de la race en sal. Nouvelle espece de poisson. Dubard, Un cas de tubercu.

Preservation of fishes for exhibition. Du Wurmer in der Schilddruse, Emil Heinrich. On animal electricity: being an. Mliller] of the discoveries. Bemerkungen iiber einige neuere. Schwimmen der Fische, p. Una legge del movi. Thirty fishes studied, p. Bericht iiber die Internationale. Handling and photographing fish, p. I'observation des actes accomplis par. Migrations et frai des poissons de mer en eau. I'histoire de la respiration des poissons.

Generalindex zu Franz Stein. Food of sea fishes. Habits of the lesser weever. Some facts in the life history of. Torpedo marmorata at Mevagis. Some habits of the picked dogs.

Pharmazeutische Zeitung online: Unter-, Über- und Fehlfunktion: Schilddrüse kann schon Kinder plagen

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